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                                                                             dedicated to encouraging the
adoption of special                                                                                                    needs children through education, support
                                                                                                               and financial assistance


What is Ibsen Adoption Network?

The Ibsen Adoption Network is a non-profit, Christian organization located in the heart of Olympia, Washington. We promote foster care and adoption by helping to establish whole, healthy homes through support and education.  It is our passion that every family who courageously steps into the gap for one or more of the 153 million children in need of a family, would know that we stand with them!

Children from unstable backgrounds deserve to know the hope of a permanent, healing home. But their elevated level of needs can be challenging for families to cope with.

Ibsen offers monthly support groups, women retreats, quarterly events, parenting classes, as well as newsletters and an educational lending library-

all designed to strengthen and encourage families for this critical responsibility!

Please join us in helping families change the trajectory of a childs life!

Strong families, bright futures!

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