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                                                                             dedicated to encouraging the
adoption of special                                                                                                    needs children through education, support
                                                                                                               and financial assistance


One of the longest standing services Ibsen has provided to the adoption community is grants awarded to Washington State families currently adopting a waiting, difficult to place and/or special needs* child. Over the past 15 years, Ibsen has assisted in the placement of over 400 children to permenant families and have awarded over $500,000 in grants to help with the adoption of special needs children. Adoption is a major financial investment and although the grants we offer are small in comparsion to the overall cost, our hope is that it would be an encouragement of support that allows families to continue and ultimately complete their adoption journey. Please review the guidelines below as you consider applying for an adoption grant through the Ibsen Adoption Network.


1. We invite residents of Washington State to submit applications for consideration. Special exceptions can be made for Washington families that are temporarily out of state due to military or missionary status.

2. Selection of recipients shall be based on a combination of the needs of the child, cost of the adoption and financial need of the family.

3. We ask that applicants have a completed home study and a child designated or referral assigned when submitting an application.

4. Once awarded, grant payments are made payable to a non-profit agency, not to individuals, at the time the child is placed.


*Special needs refers to those children who are older, part of a sibling group, children of color, children waiting longer for adoption, and children who have special physical, emotional or developmental needs.

Please click on the PDF below to view our current grant eligibility requirements and application.

Grants will be awarded twice annually in the spring and fall. Deadlines for grant applications are
March 31st and September 30th

Completed applications may be mailed to:

Ibsen Adoption Network

2730 French Rd NW

Olympia, WA 98502


Or e-mailed to: admin@ibsenadoptionnetwork.com